Being Present to the Present

“If we refuse to think of anything except what we are doing or the person that we are with, we develop the habit of being present to the present moment. In a way, the present moment becomes as sacred as being in church.” ~ Thomas Keating

Looking Glass Falls, Brevard, NC

Living in the moment is a key to emotional and spiritual well-being.  But this kind of mindfulness is not always easy. The dark recesses of our yesterdays with their brokenness, wounds, resentments, and regrets drag us backward.

Fear and worry about tomorrows try to tug us forward, whispering that there is so much to do, so many mountains to climb, and so many perils ahead.  All of these distractions blur the importance of here and now.  We miss the chance to listen deeply.  Our ability to be compassionate escapes and the moment is lost.  We have missed a sacred opportunity.

How often do we succumb to the lure of money, security, fame, power, approval, or control?  How often do we sacrifice today on the altar of tomorrow?  How often do we throw caution to the wind, behaving in ways we know we might regret?  The best fix for this is to welcome the moment right in front of us by being ‘present to the present’.  We can fill ourselves with the possibilities of here and now by being mindful.  Slow down.  Look around.  Be still. Listen.  God will take care of the rest.

Robert Kenneth Jones is an innovator in the treatment of addiction and childhood abuse.

In a career spanning over four decades, his work helping people recover from childhood abuse and addiction has earned him the respect of his peers.

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