Bring Us Some Good News

“The good news, which the World Redeemer brings and which so many have been glad to hear, zealous to preach, but reluctant, apparently, to demonstrate, is that God is love, the He can be, and is to be, loved, and that all without exception are his children.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Sometimes it's hard to sort through the many messages we receive to find something positive. Lots of warnings, tragic tales, and major concerns present themselves. So when someone comes along with a happy story, a light spirit, a smile and good news, they are met with joy and relief. What a terrific gift it is to carry good words.

The prophet Isaiah writes with enthusiasm as he describes ‘how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the one bringing good news’. Each of us has the ability to be such a messenger. All we have to do is make a little shift in our perspective and presentation. We can begin to share the good things going on in our lives and in the world with as much emphasis as we have shared the difficulty and woes surrounding us.

Bringing good news to everyone we meet will change the way things go for us and for those we encounter. I went into a local business not long ago and was greeted personally by the owner. Steve engaged me in conversation and shared stories of his grandchild and love for his wife as he helped me with my purchases.My mood lifted dramatically. His good news created a spirit of thanksgiving within me. I thought about my own wonderful marriage, delightful wife, children, and grandchildren. It does not take much to make a difference. It does create a genuine atmosphere of joy.Pope Francis met with a group of atheists not long ago and proclaimed the good news that salvation was just as much a reality for them as for the religious. The revelation of grace for one and for all is changing the entire notion of inclusion. Good news is everywhere. Take the grand opportunity to be a messenger of it today.

Today I will make a shift in the emphasis of my message. I will bring good news to hungry hearts.

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