Going Down to the Crossroads

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Here we are…at another Crossroad.  Which way to go?  It is not that one way seems less traveled by than the other.  It would almost be easier to be in a woods like Robert Frost and follow an untrodden, strangely dangerous, and unconventional path.But this is one of those crossroads so often found in the rural Midwest, laid out in neat sections of corn and bean patchwork.  Standing on flat ground with an endless horizon, it seems the choice of direction is almost mundane.  We know it's important to make a choice but indecision has frozen us in place.There is no use in procrastinating…no need for ‘sinking down’ or giving up.  Because we are not alone in our Crossroad decisions when we trust ‘that which is unknown by us is fully known by God and the universe’. Here is what has to happen.  We must let go and take a few faltering steps with faith and trust that God is in charge of the outcome. We will discover or rediscover that we are...and always have been...in good hands.

Today I will experience life fully at the Crossroad by stepping out with faith, and trust.

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