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“Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars." ~ Bart Howard

The Jones Boys on an adventure

The Jones Boys on an adventure

A friend wrote to me saying that his vacation was over.  He was back home after soaking up the sun and enjoying long idle hours.  There was a sense of such happiness in his words.  Just think about it…we have the privilege of being able to go to the far corners of the world unlike any generation of human beings in the history of the world.  In a matter of hours and with a relatively small investment of personal resources, we can be in places people could only dream about in other times.  Tropical islands, majestic mountains, jungles and rainforests, oceans, and lakes are all possible destinations for many of us.  How incredible it is to have such opportunities.

My grandfather, who was born in 1875, once told me his first memory was sitting on the back of a hay wagon working for his Dad around age 8.  That wagon and horse was also the means of family transportation at the time.  There were certainly travel limitations.  In his 98 years, Roy Jones was able to witness the coming of automobiles, airplanes and even a man on the moon.  He traveled rather extensively but always returned home to Monticello, Illinois.  Everything and everyone he loved most was close by.

"Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry." ~ Jack Kerouac

The thrill of finding new spaces and new people is intoxicating.  They can liberate us from our small corners of the world.  They can open our minds and hearts.  They can offer freedom from perceived bondage.  They can dispel and dismiss prejudice.  The road and journey themselves might even be as important as the destinations.  We need to just do it.  Without a doubt, we should adventure, leave home, and explore without regret.  We should also bless the earth that heard our first cry and always come home to kiss the ones who long for us.

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