Let's Go Fishing

“Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.” ~ Ovid


I remember a boy who used to sit on the dock on Lake Vermilion near our home in Danville, Illinois.  He never seemed to have any fish on his line.  One day I asked him how they were biting.  He said he never put a hook on to catch the fish because he was afraid he would hurt them.

Very little happens when we don’t actively participate.  The thing is to always contribute, always be in action, and always get in the mix.  This does not mean that we are supposed to be in control of things, in charge of outcomes, or be the leader of the pack.  It means we don’t sit on the sidelines.  We participate by being fully engaged in whatever way our gifts can be of benefit.  Sometimes we lead as a generous servant, and sometimes we follow obediently.  Sometimes we welcome with open arms, and sometimes we establish safe boundaries.  Sometimes we listen attentively, and sometimes we offer wisdom.  Sometimes we are quiet, and sometimes we are boisterous.Always we are prayerful.  Trusting fully that everything flows as it was intended.  With our participation, we become co-creators with God.The magnificent life which surrounds us waits for us to bravely step up right and jump right in.  There is nothing to fear.  When we join in with our community to make things better, miracles start to happen.  We do what we can do and do it well.  We cast our hooked and baited lines into the water knowing that fish will bite.  The great feast is waiting for you. 

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