Our Common Humanity

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” ~ Desmond Tutu

We get to choose whether we will be connected with one another or not.  But if we don’t, how can we ever be fully human?  It seems so much easier to disconnect rather than to struggle with personal relationships.  The risk of rejection and pain can be daunting.

Life can be confusing.  We know, for example, that understanding ourselves requires some disciplined work.  We cannot connect with our brothers if we are disconnected from our inner selves.  Likewise, however, we cannot connect with our inner selves if we are disconnected from our community of friends, family, and neighbors.

This is also true in our mysterious relationship with God.  When we begin to accept that each human being is a reflection of God, a child of God, and a manifestation of God, the confusion begins to disappear.  When we begin to embrace the sacredness of every person-to-person encounter as a kind of holy meeting, relationships become irresistible.  God is for us, with us and within us.  It is in this reality that we are able to connect with each other, with ourselves and with our God.

“Your neighbor is your unknown self.” ~ Miguel de Unamuno 

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