From Sea to Shining Sea

“Territory is but the body of a nation.  The people who inhabit its hills and valleys are its soul, its spirit, its life.” ~ James Garfield (20th U.S. President)


We are approaching the celebration of our national holiday which marks a bold declaration of independence followed by 242 years of struggle for freedom.  We are a nation becoming. This great experiment in democracy has overcome many obstacles, flaws, and shortcomings while never resting in a quest of liberty and justice for all.Is any amount of fireworks, colorful parades or waving of flags too flamboyant or dramatic on The Fourth of July? I think not. Independence Day is no small event. For it is not that we are just a great country.  We celebrate because we are a diverse and determined people who will not be satisfied.

In the words of the song for Ella Baker, “We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.”

Each year at this time we are welcomed back home from sea to shining sea with all differences set aside. Disgruntled people on the extreme right or left of our political spectrum for at least one day can stop their quarrels with the knowledge that our virtues far outweigh our shortcomings.

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