Violence and Restoration

by Robert Kenneth Jones

Broken relationships, active hostility in families, among former friends and associates, open wounds from mistreatment, and plain old misunderstandings leave a heavy burden for our hearts to carry.

They crush our spirits. 

The tendency to hold on to resentments, plan revenge and lash out aggressively seem to be our human default mode.  We cry out; ‘I’ll get them back some day…I’ll show them.’  The trouble is that this eye-for-an-eye way of reacting can only result in more trouble, more viciousness, more wounds and more anguish.

An entire lifetime can be controlled by a single incident which sets up the dominoes of recurrent violence.  The weight of it is too much to bear and is an unnecessary encumbrance.

The way to a good relationship with God, self and others is to actively engage in healing and redemptive actions which offer reconciliation and forgiveness. 

God wants a humanity that is characterized by fearless love. This Love neutralizes the power of evil and transforms it to good.  It calls us to change the way we treat each other for the sake of God and community. It calls us to dedicate ourselves to each other.

Let’s take up that standard of inspiring children by teaching and modeling a non-violent, loving alternative.

Jesus teaches us to offer good for bad.  He asks for us to pray for those who persecute us.  He directs us to walk the extra mile, turn the other cheek and to love our enemy.

Kindness, mercy and compassion are the tools of recovery from woundedness.

When practiced and used with good intentions, they create restoration of a happy heart, healing of a crushed spirit and harmony in all of our relationships.  Something new will spring out of what seemed to be spoiled or ruined situations.

Something new will be kindled in our souls.   It all starts with simple action…with a kind heart, a touch, a smile, understanding eye contact or even a good joke. The crosses we carry will then become light.


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