The Sustaining Gift of Encouragement

“Follow your dreams. Be yourself, an angel of kindness, There's nothing that you cannot do. I believe, I believe, I believe in you.” ~ Il Divo

Encouragement is the gift that keeps giving. One of the most powerful things we can possibly hear is the phrase ‘I believe in you’.  It comes to us when we need it the most and rescues us from the bog of self-doubt.Just when we think that everyone has lost faith, that we are hopelessly lost and doomed to lose, an angel appears with the words to sustain us saying ‘I believe in you’.  When we hear them we receive hope, our energy is renewed and we begin to believe in ourselves again.  The confidence of our resolve is restored so that we can battle the difficulties before us.

There are people who do believe in us.  When times get tough it is critical that we remember the encouragement that they have given in the past.  Someone has looked us in the eye saying ‘you can do it’ and then we have.We found the energy to overcome, persist and endure.  We have summoned the buoyancy of resilience and finished the race.  When we have doubts in ourselves or find ourselves being filled with self-criticism, it is important to replay the tapes of those who have fortified us.  It is just as important to spread the words to those who are struggling along with us.How often we have the opportunity to tell someone that we believe in them and let it slip away.  When we encourage each other, believe in them and affirm their journey, we shine a light for everyone to follow.

Today I will seek the counsel of those who believe in me and will encourage someone else with my believe in them.

Robert Kenneth Jones is an innovator in the treatment of addiction and childhood abuse.

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