The Game-Day Playbook

When we place our dependence in God, we are unencumbered, and we have no worry. ~ Coach Vince Lombardi

I often tell my clients that operating without a plan is akin to playing on a football field that has no hash marks.  You never know where you are or how much progress has really been made.  The coaches on the sidelines can only send in plays that are directed toward the end zone because the exact location of a first down can’t be determined.  The game is practically impossible to play.  Planning requires not only the element of a desired outcome, but a reasonable sense of where you stand in relation to your goal.  As soon as that is established, the plays which were sent in and executed will lead you forward.


When players huddle prior to the next play, a plan is almost always carried in from the sidelines.  Words that direct action are spoken and players break into formation.  This is critical to success.  The coach is in charge.  We can only make life plans based on limited information that we have gained by our experiences.

 So, if we really want to make our plans work, it is necessary to be still and listen to our coaches.  We must understand that we are not the masters of destiny nor are we in control of any outcomes.  God’s voice can only be heard when we take time to get into a huddle and wait to hear the next play.  When we allow time to do this the plan we have will always find a way. If we think we can play the game on our own steam, we are sadly mistaken.  We might find that it was fourth-down-and-inches when we made the wrong decision…and punted the ball away.

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