Sail on Sailor

“May you always sail with fair winds and a following sea." ~ Traditional Navy Blessing


I was listening to Jimmy Buffett sing “Sail on Sailor” when the old nautical blessing came to mind.  Fair winds and following seas has been used by the Navy in commissioning ceremonies, command change, and at the time of retirement for people and for ships as well.  It is a blessing filled with hope for faring well, safe travel, and good fortune.  It is not naïve.  Sailors are well aware of the power and might of an often unforgiving sea.  They have often been the victim of its wrath.  But they sail on, often delivering life-saving and sustaining cargo.  They carry, bring, and then become the blessing.

One of the incredible benefits in the practice of carrying the blessing like good sailors is that we are given the gift of recognizing the image of God everywhere.  This enables us to deliver sacred cargo and to become beacons for others. It is no longer possible to harbor resentments, lick wounds or long-suffer our injuries when we supply messages of joy, love, and good news. Fair winds and following seas have been granted.

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