Dreams and Reality; the Dance of Oneing

“Stay true to your deepest intuition that an extraordinary and miraculous life is possible.” ~ Craig Hamilton

I have a hunch that each of us struggles with a sense of emptiness when considering how seldom our dreams and present situation match up.  Life has a way of leading us in directions that are far from what we had planned or for which we had hoped.  When that emptiness descends, a bleak truth is laid bare. But this somber reality actually contains a guiding light through dense fog.  It is a touchstone.

The fact that an extraordinary and miraculous life is possible cannot be denied.  It is not only possible...but is a certainty if fully embraced.  This doesn’t mean an easier climb on the ladder which we are enticed to believe brings happiness.  Rather than a linear measurement of success and failure, it is a promise that there is an ongoing dance and celebration we are invited to join. Life is not about beginnings and endings, wins and losses,or scorecards to be kept.  It is circular and full of promise.

“The only things that can keep you out of this divine dance are fear, doubt or self-hatred. What would happen in your life -right now- if you accepted being fully accepted?” ~ Richard Rohr

This chapter of your story is being written in the very moment we are experiencing here and now.  How it evolves is up to you.  The miraculous and extraordinary are revealed when it is understood that you are never alone. We are one in all of our magnificent diversity. Nothing is so dark that it might extinguish this truth.  God is with us and we are with God. We dance this dance together.