5 Most Essential Words in a Chaplain's Dictionary


If a Chaplain knows and remembers the definition of these 5 keys words they will be a better at their job. It is important to know the true meaning of words to better understand your role as a Chaplain.



1- con·nect -  to have or establish a rapport 


It is important the Chaplain connects with those he comes in contact with. There must be more than a superficial acknowledgment . There must be a true connection.


2- 1lis·ten-  to hear something with thoughtful attention : give consideration <listen to a plea>


The Chaplain must not only listen but hear what the other person is saying. This comes by giving your full attention and not being distracted.


3-  com·pas·sion-  sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it


When the Chaplain shows compassion the other person knows he or she is conscious of their distress and really wants to help, therefore the Chaplain connects to establish rapport, listens with thoughtful attention and lets the other person know they are conscious of their distress and wants to help them.


4- em·pow·er-  to promote self-actualization or influence 


When the Chaplain empowers another person they are helping that person to self- actualize and make their own decision rather than making the decision for them.


5- 1gift-  something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation


True gifts are when the Chaplain becomes conscious of another person’s pain and strives to lessen it. When the Chaplain empowers the other to make their own decision after connecting, and listening with compassion. The Chaplain has invested in the other person their time and energy to connect, and listen with compassion and to empower the other to make a good choice. These are  true gifts.