Police Chaplain Project

A story rarely told...

Imagine how much richer our lives would be had we captured the voices, thoughts and wisdom of the great chaplains of the 20th century. 

 A few years back, a group of us decided to do just that. We established the Police Chaplain Project.

The idea was to tell the story of police chaplaincy one chaplain at a time by creating a video archive.

We kept it simple. We invited police chaplains come in, sit down, look directly into the camera and share their story.

To date, the Police Chaplain Project has conducted more than 100 on-camera interviews with some of the most accomplished police chaplains of the past 50 years.

Rabbi Moshe Scheiner on God’s blessings.
In an interview with Bob Jones for ChaplainUSA.org, Rabbi Moshe offers his thoughts on seeing life as a bounty of blessing from God.

Rabbi Moshe Scheiner: “I was with an elderly man yesterday.  He’s having shortness of breath. If he walks from his couch to his kitchen he’s panting, right?  We go through our day taking millions and millions of breaths.  We never have shortness of breath and we never stop to think about it. 

“If you are blind and one day you open your eyes and they were working, you would be screaming from joy in the light.  “God, thank you very much for opening my eyes today.

“I don’t take for granted that I have this amazing camera in my brain that’s able to see in color. It’s a daily challenge because human nature is that we take things for granted.

“So instead of being angry and envious and bitter about life, the solution is to find more joy in your life. Find things to be more grateful. Don’t be envious of someone else, look how many blessings you have in your life.”

Rabbi Scheiner founded Palm Beach Synagogue in Palm Beach, Florida. This conversation continues online at https://chaplainusa.org/fear-anger-in-america/

Edited by Phillip LeConte
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