The Police Chaplain Project is a nationwide effort to digitally capture the words and wisdom of America’s police chaplains and share the content we collect online.

They are always there.

After every tragedy, every mass shooting, every line of duty death and natural disaster America’s police chaplains step into the void and heals broken lives.

The problem is many people have never even heard of a police chaplains.

The Police Chaplain Project is working to change all that.


    In times of crisis, police officers and their families turn to police chaplains. The problem is many people have never heard of a police chaplain.

    We are working to change that.

    Co-founder Chaplain Dave Fair

    Father’s Day and Our Expectations

    Dad fought the good fight. Whether our fathers lived up to our expectations or not, perhaps that is the best gift they can give us.

    Seeking Wisdom On The Journey

    I have learned that forgiveness is a key to happiness. I must offer it to everyone in order to be free from resentments. This letting go of resentment has proven to be a touchstone of life.

    Sometimes the Runner Stumbles

    We feel like giving in or giving up. But if we ask for help and get back up we will find that there are always resources enough to carry on.

    The Big Questions; For Those Who Dare to Dream

    “Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” ~ Robert Francis Kennedy

    Transforming Cheerfulness

    Cheerful people leave a lasting impact. The joy, mirth and laughter that follow a cheerful soul bring gifts of optimism and a sort of sunrise to the spirit of others. We have a choice. We can be determined to be cheerful or we can be restrained, unremarkable and boring.

    Forgiving Our Families

    The work of healing cannot begin until we find it in our hearts to let go. Family is a gift presented to us by a loving God.

    Tell Your Stories on Memorial Day

    I encourage everyone to spend some time at family gatherings this weekend to tell folks about your adventures and misadventures, to share your memories.

    Finding My Neighbor

    We become neighbors when we are willing to cross the road for one another.  There is so much separation and segregation: between black people and white people, between gay people and straight people, between young people and old people, between sick people and healthy...

    God Shows Up

    God is not a remote deity who waits grumpily on a throne of judgment to pounce on our wrongdoings and many sins.

    A Choice For Happiness

    Work for happiness in all you do and say. You might be surprised as it abundantly rains down and all around as a result.

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