CREDO:  a sentence or two that conveys the operating principle that guides your daily life.

Working with members of the law enforcement community, Author Rabbi Cary Friedman and Phillip LeConte, co-founder of the Police Chaplain Project created THE CREDO PROJECT, special educational initiative dedicated unlocking the power of CREDO in daily life.


  • We believe that writing a personal credo can have enormous implications for members of the law enforcement community. We believe the simple act of writing down the thing you live by, can give it power, the kind that will profoundly impact the way you live each day.


Your CREDO should contain actionable behaviors, not fancy words, not beliefs. This is about what you do each day.

  • Take some time to reflect before you commit pen to paper.
  • Keep it real. Make it your own.

Download the Guide Below to get started.

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