Established in 2008, by veteran police chaplain David Fair and media producer Phillip LeConte, the Police Chaplain Project has conducted over 100 interviews with police chaplains across the country.

The project has been an opportunity for both Fair and LeConte to reveal an aspect of America rarely seen or heard.

“Police chaplains are essential to the spiritual survival of police officers and their families,” said co-founder Chaplain David Fair, ”yet few citizens are familiar with the vital role they play. The Police Chaplain Project is changing all that.”

Co-founder and videographer for the project, Phillip LeConte, hopes the content’s civility connects with viewers. “Chaplains invest language with a grace that is immediately distinguishable from most of what we hear through the media,” said LeConte. “It’s been my great honor to add their compelling voice to the national conversation and to our digital legacy.”

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