ChaplainUSA Seeks Writers

Who we are:

We are ChaplainUSA, a non-profit educational organization for chaplains.

[A chaplain is someone who provides spiritual guidance and counseling to those in need. There are many kinds of chaplains: hospital chaplains, police or fire chaplains, military chaplains.]

What we do:

We help keep chaplains informed. For instance, we tell them about

  • new technologies for responding to a natural disaster

  • breakthroughs in treating PTSD

  • new strategies for coping with stress or grief

In short, information that helps chaplains help others.

The way we do it

Chaplains are really, really busy; so we make new information manageable.

We scour the web, pick out the best ideas and present it in a more conversational, easy-to-digest format – typically in the form of a Chaplain Summary.

What is a Chaplain Summary?

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.48.05 AM.png

A Chaplain Summary is an approx. 600 word brief.

It highlights the core information, provides the key takeaways and provides a clear call to action that offers chaplains a way to learn more. 

[We always cite the source material and provide links to relevant content and organizations mentioned in the summary. Articles to be summarized will be assigned.]

Style Guide

Keep the writing conversational and direct. Chaplains are a practicable bunch, they're looking for information they can use on the job. 

Essentials only.

Make the Summary easy to scan and digest, using sub-heads and bullet points to break the info into sections.

Make a Difference

Finally, if you are someone who really cares about making the world a better place, this is a great opportunity. Our readers are in the unique position of taking what you write and putting it to useful purpose – helping people cope and rebuild their life. 

Always learning.