Meet an extraordinary group of police chaplains each of whom share a lifelong commitment to the well-being of police officers.

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ChaplainUSA: 5 Things You Can't Do Anywhere Else!

Visitors to ChaplainUSA often feel overwhelmed by the breadth and volume of content on the site. 

At a glance it might be difficult to understand what we’re all about and how you fit in to the picture – so we created this list.

We started by writing down things that are unique to us, 

Number 1.

Introduce Yourself to a Real Police Chaplain

Ok, so you might be able to do this in your own hometown, but keep in mind chaplains are hard to find. Their office is wherever someone is in destress. When a police chaplain is on the job, it is private. 

Our FACEBOOK community, however, is one of the few public forums where chaplains gather up and talk with citizens. 

Number 2.

Thank a police chaplain for their service. 

If you think they get tired of hearing that? Guess what, they rarely hear it at all. For those who have dedicated themselves to this often under-appreciated, but vital role, it will mean the world to hear the words “thank you”.  

Number 3. 

Have an epiphany. 

An epiphany, you know, a moment of sudden revelation or insight.  

This one of our more ambitious goals….giving people an A-ha Moment about police chaplains. 

few citizens are familiar with the vital role they play.

"Police chaplains are essential to the spiritual survival of police officers and their families,” said Chaplain David Fair.  “Yet  

Police Chaplain Project is devoted to changing that." providing visitors with a new awareness of just how vital chaplains are to the law enforcement community.Police chaplaincy is an idea. Everyday, someone, somewhere is going through a crisis.  

Check out our progress so far.

Put a chaplain in your pocket.

Visit the online repository of the Police Chaplain Project. By gathering and archiving video oral history interviews and making them accessible online, the project offers not only practical advice to young police chaplains, but words of inspiration and hope to anyone in the public safety community.

Here are two of those programs that address the needs of those in crisis:

The Police Chaplain Project criss-crosses America talking with veteran police chaplains. What they tell us is then shared online creating a unique, one-of-a-kind resource members of the law enforcement community.

The Survivor Network provides a lifeline to members of the law enforcement community following a line-of-duty death. 

The online resource fills the silence that often surrounds grief with words ofhope and healing from police chaplains and other members of the survivor community.

ChaplainUSA on FACEBOOK & YOUTUBEJoin America’s top police chaplains as we fight to take back YouTube and social media with a message of gratitude and support for police officers across the country. Take that next step with us.At we take the content we collect to the next level, creating practical tools for members of the law enforcement community: checklists for police leaders, advice for survivors and insights for aspiring chaplains. 

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