A few years back, a group of us established the Police Chaplain Project. The idea was to collect the wisdom of the chaplaincy community and share it with future generations.

“We believe that the wisdom a police chaplain accumulates over the course of their lifetime is meant to be shared,” says Chaplain Dave Fair, the program’s co-founder.

To date, the Police Chaplain Project has conducted more that 100 on-camera interviews with some of the most accomplished police chaplains of the past 50 years. From those recording sessions we have created and shared over 200 video segments via social media.

The Police Chaplain Project passes the knowledge and experience of America’s police chaplains to the next generation of law enforcement caregivers.

“We believe it’s time to share the story of police chaplaincy,” says Chaplain Dave Fair, the program’s co-founder. “We are so fortunate to have lived long enough to be a part of the digital age, we just want to make certain we use technology to elevate and enlighten.”

We kept it simple.

We invite police chaplains come in, sit down, look directly into the camera and share what they know.

Take a look….

Two ways police chaplains can be a part of our efforts.

Join our new Facebook Group.

Police Chaplain Coffee Shop is a virtual coffee shop for police chaplains. It is an ideal place to sit down with a cup of coffee, share important (or amusing) information, connect with other chaplains and learn something new.

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Add Your Wisdom

The Police Chaplain Project continues to produce new interviews every year. Police chaplains from across the country travel to the project home-base in Austin, Texas to add their knowledge to the project.

If you are a police chaplain, we urge you to learn how you can add your experience and wisdom to the project.

The Police Chaplain Project brings together an extraordinary group of police chaplains, each on a mission to improve the lives of police officers and their families. Our efforts would not be possible without them.

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